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Important Road Safety Message
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23 school children have been killed in New Zealand during the last 25 years when crossing the road to or from school buses, and another 47 have been seriously injured.

The Either way it’s 20k awareness campaign has come to Manakau
Bus Company Depot Manager , Mark Cook, says while driving school buses he has seen a lot of close calls, “a lot of which never get reported”.  He’s also witnessed motorists passing stationary school buses on long, straight roads at speeds in excess of 100km/h.
Parents dropping off kids and motorists will have a couple of weeks grace before the police begin to actively enforce the 20km/h speed limit past stationary school buses.


Manakau School visit Ngati Wehi Wehi Marae

Manakau School Visit to Wehi Wehi Marae 18 June 2014


Wednesday 18th June 2014

Staff, students and parents of Manakau School were hosted by Kotahitanga Te Kohanga Reo and Te Kotahitanga o Te Iwi o Ngati Wehi Wehi kaumatua.

Part of the visit was to do some shared learning into a number of areas  which included Harakeke / Weaving, Rakau Iti - Short sticks, Nga Kemu Maori /Maori games and after lunch Kapahaka Waiata. This learning also included some digital learning using the newly installed WiFi network operating at the marae. The last count was 25 devices connected.


Welcome to Manakau School

The school's vision is to develop academic, social, physical and spiritual growth in children and therefore equip them with the qualities they need to develop a rewarding future.

Specifically, it aims to achieve excellence in literacy and numeracy, whilst providing exciting opportunities in ICT and The Arts


Established in 1888, Manakau School is situated just off State Highway One, 7km north of Otaki, on the outskirts of the small attractively presented village of Manakau.  This decile five school enrols children from New Entrants to Year 6 and consists of three classrooms, of which two are currently used and are composite over at least two age levels. Thirty six percent of the children attending Manakau School are boys, with twenty five percent of children Maori.

Manakau School Motto

Taken at the Trolley Derby and Gala 27 Nov 2010



Latest News

20 - 10 - 2014
The Either way itís 20k awareness campaign is being promoted through the Horizons Regional Campaign with a new advertisement.
16 - 10 - 2014
Please find the Manakau School e-newsletter dated 16October 2014, and the Manakau Board of Trustees September 2014 news report. and lastly the Manakau School 2014 Survey Results.
18 - 06 - 2014
Yesterdayís visit to Wehi Wehi Marae was enjoyed by all. Tawhirimatea came and went, then the sun shone through. Manakau School were warmly welcomed by the Kotahitanga Te kohanga Reo as well as Kaumatua from Te Kotahitanga o Te Iwi o Ngati Wehi Wehi and participated in a number of activities ...